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Hi! How are you? I'm Alex Offenkrantz and I'm a magician. I entertain at cocktail hours, receptions, corporate stuff, birthday parties--you name it. Anywhere that magic is wanted. 

Before I even talk about what I offer magically, I want you to know that I love people. I love talking to people. Getting to know people is real magic, and that's an attitude that goes a long way at a party. I know humility is a virtue, but I'm really good at meeting people. And that's because the most important people, aside from the host and VIPs, are the guests. And I don't think this is a particularly novel idea, but I see making people happy and comfortable is a key part of creating a magical experience. Good magic is important, don't get me wrong, but the person holding the cards makes a difference. It's not about what you do, it's about who you do it with. Although to be clear, we're talking about magic.


I am an expert at complex sleight of hand card techniques such as the Clipshift and Lateral Strip Out Palm, but you don't need the most complicated moves to really impress or amaze. I enjoy doing difficult magic, but the point of me being there is to make people feel incredible. Not to show off. I use my super-sonic evaluation systems to analyze situations that I'm in to pick whatever material is going to be the most effective. And all of it is. I love making magic. Once someone has a solid grasp of magic techniques, they can start to tinker and come up with their own stuff. With me that was in high school, and I haven't any desire to stop since. It's very fulfilling making something from scratch that leaves people in--and I don't mean to pat myself on the back--awe. It's because a magician has to be the writer, director, choreographer, and actor, most of the time doing it on their own. When it comes together, it's life-affirming.

I love magic. Really. It's the reason why everything good that's happened in my life has. I've met people who turned out to not be what I expected. They are so much more interesting. And when the magic works, the audience and I are on the same wavelength. The mystery has been communicated, and we're all glad to be there.


Your event is going to be great whether or not you have me. It takes a lot of thought to plan something, and if it's missing a magician, people will still have a great time. But if you decide to bring me onto your team, it'll only make it better. Who doesn't want the cherry on the sundae? I actually don't like those cherries, but you understand the point I'm trying to make. 

Feel free to look around my site. If you like what you see, and you want a quote or just to chat about life, you can send me an email here: or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If calling is easier, here's my number: 561-676-4178.



Steven, Tarrytown

My wife and I just had Alex at our son's Bar Mitzvah in the UES, and we can't recommend him highly enough. I had seen Alex performing at Ninja NY, and thought it was the best sleight of hand I had ever seen. He not only made everybody feel great, but he was hysterically funny, and my son and his friends couldn't stop raving about him. We've already been asked for his information by other families in attendance because they want him at their childrens' Mitzvot.

Kimberley, Brooklyn

Alex is simply amazing! He was easy to communicate with, showed up on time, and his performance was mind blowing. Alex is a true professional talent! My husband and guests were wowed. Everyone commented on how impressed they were and how they could watch Alex perform magic all night. We would love to hire him again!

Brett, UWS

Alex is an amazing magician!! We hired him for a 30th birthday party and our entire experience with him was fantastic! He was so easy to communicate with beforehand, lit up the room with all of his truly special magic, and was the talk of all of our guests. Highly, highly recommend.


Alex as the strolling entertainment for any event: 

  • Corporate Events

  • Private Parties

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvot

  • Anniversaries

  • Teen and Adult Birthdays

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Holiday Parties

  • First Communions

  • Product Launch

  • Room Service Magic

  • Dates 

  • Your Event


consummate professional. Alex is the life of the party, and can help create focus when you need it. Have a speech, or an award to hand out? Alex is there to make you look good. Often asked to impress specific people, he'll spend extra time entertaining whomever you like.

Reading a room and approaching guests with a smile, Alex Offenkrantz will charm smiles out of anyone he meets.


tricks are Alex's specialty. He sleeps with a deck in hand. The inventor of several original effects and sleight of hand moves, Alex has burst onto the magic scene, impressing his peers. Many of the effects you'll see are performed exclusively by Alex Offenkrantz, and he doesn't plan on sharing many of his greatest secrets with the community. Alex also is skilled in sleight of hand with objects that he just finds lying around him.

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